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How to access old Nintendoage threads and messages just like before


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If you're one of the ones who missed out backing up old messages or threads, there is a way to do both (for now).

To access old messages in the normal way you used to see them, go to http://segaage.com/forum/ or http://playstationage.com/forum/ and login there with your old Nintendoage credentials. You'll be able to view all old messages with NA people and still message them through segaage or playstationage. 

Now for accessing old Nintendoage threads, you will have to go to the link below. This is Nintendoage as it was before being shifted to gocollect. All the threads are still there.

You can try logging in but you won't be able to (at least I haven't figured out how). You'll be able to see the old threads but not comment or edit them. 

Happy copy and pasting! Back up those important threads and messages now before it really is too late!

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