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Best way to display handheld systems?

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Hey all,

I've done a little digging into this but wanted to see what the VGS crew does. I want to display my Game Boys, DS consoles, Game Gears, Tiger Handhelds, etc, but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. Some kind of easels? These little things that they have Tiger Handhelds on seem pretty good, but what specifically are they and where can I get them?

Or more importantly, what do you guys do?




What about these? 


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I just posted about this the other day.  I purchased mine from Rose Colored Gaming.  His products are great and he covers a lot of systems including some unique stands for special or collector's editions.  Unfortunately, I don't think he has anything for Tiger handhelds.  

Edit:  Each stand is unique to that system and even includes the name of the system etched into the stand.  Stands are available in clear, black or frosted (mine are clear).  




This is my collection.





Non Nintendo consoles.





Nintendo consoles.


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I tried some very similar to that one you linked just for general game display.  Not very good.  You get what you pay for.  They feel flimsy and the legs open and close way too easily while trying to display stuff.  Only thing keeping them open is the item in them.  You end up with the bottom part very close together making it much less stable.   Also you are limited as to how thick something in there can be because of the way that hook part is. They’re fine for my cd cased PSX games but boxed NES is pushing the limits and I feel uncomfortable about the stability of them at that point. 

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27 minutes ago, CodysGameRoom said:

@TDIRunner Ahhh, I searched "handheld" and should have searched "portable". lol

Those do look great. The cost isn't awful, although it will add up with 30+ handhelds.

Thanks for your advice regardless! I may order a few. 🙂

I bought mine over a few different orders over time.  He also has sales from time to time if you aren't in a hurry.  Lots of good stuff at his site.  He also has lots of controller stands if you are into that.  

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