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So I have had this a long time, but it's a fun story.  Probably about 12 or so years ago now, a mom and pop video rental place was going out of business.  This place had been there for as long as I could remember and had this neon hanging in the store window since I was a kid, I had long admired it.  So when they were closing up and selling all of their movies I stopped in and asked about the sign.  The guy owner was there (it was a guy and his wife) and he didn't seem excited about selling it, said he planned on keeping it but asked what I would offer.  I think I offered $75 and he was like, ehhh I'll think about it and takes my number.  

I go back in the next weekend, I think this was their final weekend, and I'm with my dad this time.  The wife is working and I ask about buying the sign again and offer $100 (I didn't say that I had offered before hoping she would just accept).  She calls her husband and he's still unsure and says he has another guy interested (which was me, I'm negotiating against myself at this point).  So I leave empty handed again, but took her husbands number figuring I would call him and try again.  

Well my dad thought it would be nice to surprise me, so he goes back later in the day and buys the sign.  Not sure what he offered, but got them to let it go.  Super nice of him right?  Well the clumsy oaf, as he's carrying the sign through his door runs the damn thing right into the side of his house breaking the neon...So he calls me up to tell me the awesome surprise of the broken sign he got for me.  That thing survived years unscathed in the rental store and didn't last 20 minutes with my dad. 

I found a repair place and they fixed it perfectly, can't tell it was ever damaged.  It cost me significantly more than if my dad would have just let me buy it myself.  😭



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