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Heritage Auctions - Seems like some sealed game go for dirt cheap? Why is that?


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I was recently informed that Heritage Auctions was the way to go when selling rare, factory sealed NES games.

If that's so, why on earth did the DW3 sealed copy go for $288 (that means buyer probably got $200 flat at most) last month.

Dragon Warrior III Wata 8.5 CIB NES Enix 1992 USA.... Video Games | Lot #97099 | Heritage Auctions (ha.com)

I'm baffled, as I did send in a few games and want to send in more (like my DW3 & DW4 sealed, but the going prices seem to be weak for these titles verse eBay, etc.).

Thoughts? Insight? Thanks all. This community is awesome!

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It's not sealed. It's CIB. Says so in the description. It's easy to spot WATA CIB vs. WATA sealed if you know what to look for - no letter grade for the seal, lots and lots of writing on the front. 😄

edit: if you want a price guide for a sealed copy, they are selling one in their next 'signature' auction, in July: https://comics.ha.com/itm/video-games/dragon-warrior-iii-wata-92-a-sealed-oval-soq-r-nes-enix-1992-usa/p/7261-12001.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

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