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Old Letters from Nintendo Power...

Crazy Climber

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Did anyone else keep these? It's the letter they send you if they printed (or you were in the running) your name/high score in Nintendo Power. This is the only original one of mine I can find right now. I have more somewhere at my parents house (I hope, unless they tossed them) They usually sent you some pins or folders to go with it too, Nintendo was always pretty cool back in the day 馃檪



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17 hours ago, drxandy said:

Daaaanng, I would hope people would keep them.. so friggin cool. I once entered a contest for the original Xbox magazine and won a copy of test drive and my name printed and I treasure both.

Thank you for posting them!!

Thanks man! Yeah, I would hope people keep them too but I think the only reason I did is because I was older.聽 I received dozens of letters from Atari for mailing in scores when I was in grade school and every one of them went in the trash can after I read it lol.

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