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WTB Boxed or sealed Lynx games


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Title says it. I'm about 40% into a full lynx set and looking to expand. There are 71 games total so hit me up if you have a few.

Particularly interested in Viking Child, Scrapyard Dog, Hockey, Roadblasters, Shadow of the Beast, Pac-Land and Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure, but I'll take any old game I don't have.


Remember the Atari Lynx & Lynx II portable video game systems? - Click  Americana

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On 7/3/2021 at 6:40 AM, fcgamer said:

How's the prices on Lynx games? Especially CIB. Are most of them reasonable, or getting stupid? With such a small library and being quite niche, this might be a fun set to collect. 

Good luck with the search 🙂

Overall they're reasonably priced. CIBs and Sealed games are super common. Prices are pretty fair with 2-3 exceptions of course. 71 released games in the Lynx's lifetime.

The games are region-free so I can buy them from all across the world, which is good for supply, but bad for shipping costs.

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