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Metal Slug Lag


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In a few days, there's going to be a limited physical version of the Metal Slug Anthology and Metal Slug XX released on the PS4. Already got the wii version, but was considering pulling the trigger on this. 

The 2 biggest complaints about this are no switch version, and its the PS2 version, which people have sad had the worst lag ever. 

Watched a few videos and wow, it does look rough. But if its the same as the wii version, I can live with it. 

Has anyone played the PS2 or PS4 versions, and are they that bad? 

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Yes, the PS2 and PS4 versions of Metal Slug Anthology (the PS4 version is literally the PS2 version emulated, so you get emulation of already poor emulation) is notorious for terrible input lag on the Neo Geo games (1-5). If you're planning on actually playing any of those games, stay away.

Like, there's the regular input lag you'll see in a lot of emulator releases that most people won't "notice" but will still impact your performance to some degree, and then there's the input lag in Metal Slug Anthology which is just absolutely unacceptable.

I heard the Wii version isn't as bad, but it's also likely no one really bothered to look too much into lag on that version due to the way they botched the controls.

I think the standalone versions of MS3, 4 and 5 on PS2 are fine, though. And the Arcade Archives versions on PS4/Switch are definitely good!

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I have the LRG Metal Slug 3 and something does not feel right, not sure what it is.

I have played hours of MS3 on arcade. The dimensions are good on the PS4 port, but something is off. Not sure what the issue is, it could be slower, but I am really on the fence about the PS4 physical. 

Metal Slug X on the PS1 is my go to game when I need some Metal Slug. Metal Slug PS1 is on my list, really hoping that one is solid.

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