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What's this AV cable?

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Homebrew Team · Posted

I was going to say the black might be to hook up a RF, but Genesis (at least model 1) had a separate RCA for RF hookup. 

PC Engine DUO has the same DIN connector, maybe this cable is for it and provides RF on the black.

Just a guess. 

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The female RCA connectors are odd.  Fully loaded video cables, but with male connectors, were common in the VIC20/C64/A800/TI99 computer days as all used 5-pin DIN connectors. Different machines had different pinouts for audio & video though, so don't trust the colors. An incorrect connection can risk the machine. A continuity check should be performed then compared to the pinout of the target system.

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1 hour ago, Tyree_Cooper said:

i have nothing, i just thought it would be easy to find out, it can't be the only cable of this type out there😲

Well it's most likely a bidirectional audio cable for hi fi systems, with the red/white transporting audio in one direction, and the black/yellow for the other direction. But without a way to test the leads it's impossible to tell.

If it matches this pinout (sorry couldn't find it in English), it should work with a model 1 MegaDrive/Genesis for AV as long as you're only using the yellow and white cables - the red one will have +5vdc

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