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FO / FS /FT - dewisp02's Thread


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Currently taking offers, so please pm me if you are interested in anything. If you want to see pictures, let me know. I have tons more I will be listing so keep an eye out. 
Last Updated: 04-08-17

Nintendo Entertainment System
-Small Box ROB the Robot with box, manual, poster, seal of quality paper, and ROB glasses: Missing the styrofoam, has battery cover, no battery acid leaks/corrosion damage, ROB glasses and inserts.
-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Hillsfar CIB
-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Dragon Strike CIB

-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Pool Of Radiance cart and box
-Alfred Chicken manual and box
-BattleToads/Double Dragon cart: 2x
-BattleToads/Double Dragon manual
-Caltron 6 in 1 cart
-Castle of Deceit manual
-Cliffhanger manual
-Cool World cart and manual
-Contra Force manual
-Dirty Harry CIB
-Double Dragon III Sacred Stones cart and box
-Duck Tales 2 cart
-Dudes with Attitude cart and box
-Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball box
-Felix the Cat cart and box
-Final Fantasy cart and manual
-Fire N Ice manual
-GI Joe- Real American Hero Cart  
-GI Joe- Real American Hero Box: 2x
-Kickmaster box-Krion Conquest cart
-L'Empereur box and manual

-Little Samson manual
-Mario is Missing CIB

-Mega Man 3 cart 
-Mega Man 4 cart and box
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum cart
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum box: x2
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum Registration Card and Map
-Mike Tyson's Punchout CIB
-Mission Cobra cart: x2
-Mission Cobra box
-Ninja Gaiden III manual
-RC Pro Am 2 Cart
-RoboDemons box
-Snow Bros cart
-Solitaire cart and box
-Strider cart and box
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CIB

Super Nintendo
-ChronoTrigger cart, maps, instructions, box
-ChronoTrigger cart
-Earthbound cart
-Final Fantasy II cart
-Final Fantasy III cart
-Legend of Zelda- Link to the Past cart and box
-Mega Man X3 cart
-Secret of Mana cart and manual
-Super Mario RPG cart
-Super Punchout box

Nintendo 64
-Conker's Bad Fur Day CIB
-Donkey Kong 64 CIB
-Goldeneye 007 CIB
-Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Collector's Edition cart
-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time cart
-Perfect Dark CIB
-Star Wars Rogue Squadron CIB
-Turok 2 Seeds of Evil CIB

Nintendo GameCube
-Cubivore CIB
-Eternal Darkness disc, insert, and case (no instructions)
-Eternal Darkness CIB
-Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance CIB
-Legend of Zelda- Windwaker
-Lost Kingdoms CIB
-Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes discs and case (no manual)
-Pikmin 2 CIB
-Skies of Arcadia Legends CIB
-Star Wars Jedi Knight II- Jedi Outcast CIB

Game Boy Advance
-Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories CIB
-Warioware Twisted! CIB

Game Boy Color
-Dragon Warrior 3 CIB
-Harvest Moon GBC cart

3Nintendo DS

-Kingdom Hearts 3D- Dream Drop Distance: new
-The Sims 3: new

NEC TurboGrafx-16
-Dragon Slayer CIC with map

Atari Jaguar
-Alien Vs Predator cart, tray, box


Nintendo Entertainment System Famicom Sega Master System Atari Super Nintendo Super Famicom Sega Genesis Mega Drive (Japan) Sega CD NEC TurboGrafx-16 NEC PC Engine Neo Geo CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive)PlayStation Sega Saturn Nintendo 64 3DO Sega 32X Virtual Boy Atari Jaguar NEC PC-FX PlayStation 2 Sega Dreamcast Microsoft Xbox Nintendo GameCubePlayStation Portable Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Game Gear Nokia N-Gage Atari LynxSega

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