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My Current Gameboy Advance Collection

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Everything is in pretty much "mint" shape. Dont have too many games at the moment but thatll change very soon

currently i have

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Sapphire

Pokemon Sapphire CIB

Super Mario World Advance 2

Sonic Advance

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (couldnt find my copy so it didnt end up in the photo

Super Mario Land (OGB)

Gameboy Advance AGB-001 (white)

Gameboy Advance Sp AGS-101 (pearl)

planning on adding a sealed copy of emerald later this week. waiting on the guy to update me when to pick it up so thatll definitely get its own post whenever i get it in hand!

Current value is just around 950-1000 dollars in total. 2021 VVG prices are absolutely insane!


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The handhelds have become a bit on the expensive side, unless you don't mind them beat up then you can settle in around $50.  A nice re-shell/lens of glass is double, add a 25-50% premium for the 101 or an IPS replacement, a few bucks more for a new shell too.  An unique UV shell job on a SP shell though now you're at 200. 😄


That said thankfully a large majority of the games haven't been abused badly as of yet, Gameboy has been hammered a good bit more (color too) than the advance.

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