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Grading criteria for sealed NES Crystalis?

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Hey all! I hope this isn't an annoying question but I only own one sealed game (my favorite as a kid - Crystalis)  and I'm ci sidelong having it graded for preservation. I've looked at their examples for sealed games but am not quite sure about specifics (like bunching around around edges.)  I am wondering if those with experience with sealed games and getting them graded if this would be likely to be an 8+? Ofc I don't expect anybody here to give me an actual grade estimate but wondering if some of the issues here are ones that could have a big impact in your opinion. Or is it really worth it anyway since I have the game for myself?  Mostly worried that a lower grading may not make it worth the money.


Mainly a bit of white on one corner, little bit of sticker left on front bottom right, a very snall puncture in back seal, and some bunching around edges.


Should I go for it? I'm of course super paranoid about shipping ruining it but that's a different issue








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Might hurt the seal grade a bit if your grading WATA, but the number grade should be solid. Looks like a good condition box. Anyways, if you're going to keep this particular sealed game regardless, you don't have to worry about the grade (as long as it's not tragically bad). It's not like you're planning on selling it. It sounds like it'd be more for preservation purposes at this point. And I think sealed games just look fresher when they're slabbed 😀

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You state you want to get it graded mainly for preservation but then you wonder if it would be worth it. You're mixing 2 different things here, if you want it done for preservation, then the end value doesn't matter.

I would guess a 6.5 or 7 on that box, it's pretty worn on the corners and edges.

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Provided there are no creases not pictured, and only the corner wear, i think 8-9 A/B+is a reasonnable range to expect. (Sorry its hard being more specific without better pics/holding in hand)

Though on your second pic showing the back what is it that looks like either a reflection/giant kind of crease? If its a reflection only then you’re looking at a good box grade and my range likely applies. If its a crease then, well , dont grade it if grade is important to you. An acrylic case will do the job  protecting it 😉



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