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  1. Great response, however a collective thread of reseals and pointers to spot reseals would benefit the community but also benefit re-sealers in fixing their « mistakes », so it’s a double-edged sword...
  2. Yep. I hate to say it but it is a reseal. i know because i bought two zelda games from the same seller that ended up being verified at wata as reseals. They looked really good in pics, but felt a but off in hand. At least they were able to confirm quickly that they werent legit seals. Here are the pics. And if anyone has any info on yugi collectorz, or his real name daniel kilpatrick from kingsland,GA id appreciate it as he owes me 3500$ and wont respond to my messages anymore. He sells these reseals through alternate ebay accounts with low/no feedback. Be careful
  3. One of my fav on the system! Soooo underloved:)
  4. I collect sealed games that i want, not because theyre « cool » but because they matter to me. I dont care about most BB/hangtabs so thats good for my wallet. whats less good is i grew up with lots of games that everybody else grew up with, and those quality titles for the platforms i collect for are getting erm..... expensive to say the least! i love getting a mint obscure game that nobody but me cares about for cheap too
  5. I sold this earlier this year opportunistically after one exact same copy sold on HA for what i considered a stupid amount. i didnt even think the grade was good so thought id just upgrade later on. It’s one of my favourite Game of all time, it has since doubled in value, And today i realize 9/A+ isnt that bad of a grade for a coveted title...!!! So not getting it back anytime soon . biggest regret since i started collecting.
  6. Some call it a passion. i call it an obsession. Don’t try it
  7. Couple heavies to keep the train rolling
  8. There used to be a sticker on the cello and afaik it was the only way to know st the store. Now that sticker is gone so im lost. Perhaps next time i go to the hospital i can bring it with . i’ve read somewhere that even the weight is not a good indicator (all over the ´lace for both versions). oh well its still a nice piece but its big and i have no way of properly display it lol. Should ‘ve thought this one through before buying!
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