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Wii Stand Variants

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Very interesting. Can't really say where it came from but I noticed Nintendo likes to change colors around without updating the model number. Few examples:

1) GameCube composite AV cables always have black connectors for the multi-out plug compared to grey for the SNES/N64

2) Wii U sensor bars are always black on black compared to grey on black for Wii

3) Switch HDMI cables are always black compared to light grey for the Wii U

4) The ports on the back of the 32GB deluxe Wii U are all black for some units and colored for others seemingly randomly

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I was going through my collection and I found three colors for the Wii U stands.


Also I was looking at some YouTube unboxings and I spotted the black stand in several videos for the black Wii with motion plus.

You'll see it at the 1:33 mark in this video: 


Also looks like the dark grey one came with the Red Wii. I think I see it at the 6:09 mark in this video: 


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1 hour ago, austin532 said:

Ok sooo?

Light gray on bottom = All white and blue Wii's
Dark gray on bottom =  Mario 25th Anniversary Red Wii
Black on bottom = Late release Black Wii's

I don't think any blue Wiis came with stands since they were the latest model designed to lie flat.

And I got a CIB black Wii that was barely used with a black bottom stand. It's the earlier model that came with the motion plus attachment and not the built in one.

I assume black Wiis with motion plus came with black stands.

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