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Are there bootlegs of Advance Guardan Heroes?


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Oh, I'm sure there are cheap Chinese copies out there, but those don't usually come boxed.  There are quite a few GBA games that are hard to find boxed, let alone in pristine condition or even sealed. Which is why I'm surprised to see so many sealed copies that are not priced at $100+.

This, for example, doesn't really scream 'fake' to me:

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Your listing there is most certainly legit...the reason why the price is reasonable/so many sealed copies is because Deal Tavern still has inventory (probably pretty significant inventory...)  I know the listings don't have pictures, so you are kind of taking a crapshoot, but I'm satisfied with the condition his games like 90%+ of the time...(but I am definitely NOT super condition sensitive).  I would buy one from him if I were you...


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12 hours ago, Puraimu said:

Oh, I'm sure there are cheap Chinese copies out there, but those don't usually come boxed.

No, I'm talking about all the tons of contemporary GBA bootlegs that littered the market at the time, and of course still are around. You could literally preorder a game and still end up with a bootleg (happened to me twice), and those would come with boxes and manual. Of course, with some knowledge of the game and how it's really supposed to look, you can spot those.

That said, there's also a lot of NOS GBA games floating around. I've been buying "used GBA games" pretty recently and gotten sealed (legit) copies. The platform isn't that old, so it's not much different from buying a PS4 game that no one bothered to unwrap.

That listing doesn't look like a fake to me, though it does look like a re-seal. I've never seen a sealed GBA game that didn't have the red NIntendo logo on the plastic.

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