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Silverspoon's Sunday Discussion Topic #1: Will There Ever Be Another Hidden Gem with Metacritic Able To Review Every Release?


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As far as I can tell, Metacritic lists the review average of every release these days, so are the days of finding out that "X" game this generation or last, a console generation or two down the road is discovered by the masses and becomes a cult hit?  My answer would be that those days are behind us due to info being so readily available on the internet, but what are your opinions?

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Editorials Team · Posted

Yes.  There are more games being pumped out then ever before, so it's easy to get lost in the crowd.  The NES only has 700+ games, and yet 20-30 years later people were still trying to nominate hidden gems (ie that Isolated Warrior thread)

The Switch is gonna end up with a library of thousands of games and there's already a ton of good or great ones that you and I are unfamiliar with. 

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These are review scores of some of the "hidden gemmiest" Wii games:

Muramasa: 8.9
A Boy and his Blob: 7.6
Deadly Creatures: 8.0
Dokapon Kingdom: 8.0
Klonoa: 8.0
Shiren the Wanderer: 7.6
Kororinpa: 6.5

Unless niche and low-budget games can get considered in the 9s, they're just going to mix in with everything else in this 7-10 world. I haven't played any of these so I can't judge their scores. Purely on reputation, I've heard Muramasa is one of the best Wii games ever, and it didn't get a 9. I've also heard Cyberpunk is one of the most busted games ever and it got a 9 on the same review site. Budget goes a long way.

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