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Pokemon Emerald For Display Only Box, Legit?


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find it strange it doesnt have a NOT FOR RESALE cartridge inside. im pretty sure they sent these to stores ETC to put inside gameboys so customers can try the game out. ive been searching for a CIB copy of emerald for months and never have come across a display only box.

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It probably didn't come that way and someone cobbled it together.

Typically the display boxes would be sent to retail in some package, usually not constructed either so kind of basically like an unfolded box sheet yet on a different style of thick stock than a retail game would receive.

I do know that stuff that didn't get a box, say like Mario Tennis VB, usually when they went up for sale, if the place (blockbuster got the boxes mainly) dumped the rentals they'd stuff all the inserts in there with the game to sell it as a complete package, despite legitimately speaking it never was in the first place being a loose pack in with all the packing inserts the game would have had (tray aside.)  Though I would imagine, trays could have been supplied (even on MT VB) or that game, if anything, just to help the box keep its shape on a shelf people would end up manhandling to read the back.

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