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Ebay sellers offering "original" ags-001 screens

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Browsing ebay, I've seen there are sellers, mostly from china, offering (presumably) original Nintendo ags-001 screens. For example:


I'm pretty suspicions of this whole thing. Though they might be OEM (in the real sense of the term), and the sellers do clearly write that these are original, which is a pretty ballsie to do of these actually aren't.  Is it legit?

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2 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Things like that have me thinking I have a few spare OEM panels lying about from some projects I did.  I bet someone might find a working DMG, GBC or GBP screen useful if they're trying to restore one to original condition.

It surely will. It will probably hardly be worth the profit for you, but you'll make someone else happy 🙂

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I wasn't really thinking of getting rich off them but I'd rather them not go into the trash.

I'd have to go digging.  I know I should have one of each of those I believe, and I do know I have had a gba micro lcd wrapped up in a little packet for years now so unless it died just resting there's that.

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18 minutes ago, RegularGuyGamer said:

They're pushing out GBA SPs with IPS screens on Aliexpress so these could be the left overs from that process.

I agree. Chinese have been selling refurbished GBA’s with the newer screens. They probably took off the old screens and try to resell them instead of scrapping them.

No need to lie about an original AGS-001 screen. Everyone looking to replace their screen is looking for the AGS-101 or equivalent.

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