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Overhauling my game consoles

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i think after 30/40 years its time to start recapping my game consoles  ive been debating weather to do this or not. since they still work  but i figured why not.  but after getting sick of using a 20 dollar desoldering iron and breaking a secound nes (tears were shed)  i pick my self up a hakko de soldering gun.  4 words,  no more broken traces!  its clean and so much faster than other methods!  if you are in to console refurbing or modding just go hakko cause the rest sucks!  out of all of them the atari 2600 looked the best as far as video quality goes  before recapping the video signal was a bit fuzzy.  im also replacing all the 5v voltage regulators wile im at it.

anyways i started with my genesis va3,  then game gear, then atari 2600, then nes.  (the genesis took me 5 hours non stop)  i wasnt seeing straight once i finish that one.  however i did the genesis with the old method and some how didnt break any traces on it.

i also did 2 nes m82 power supply's and motherboards, both power supplys were just about to fail  and also gonna be doing my snes and  2 nes test stations (one of the test stations has a damaged cap so just gonna redo the whole thing.  the other one is coming in the mail and will be refurbished and sold off. (i got it cause it had somthing ive been looking for included in the lot)  same with the extra m82. im considering starting recap services  but mainly for the more obscure stuff (like test equipment kiosks etc)  cause i still have my hands full with virtual boy solder repairs.


anyways after this they should be good for another 30 years or so. all caps are japanese caps by known brands.




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