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How to tell if circuit board inside carts are authentic and belong to specific carts

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Im seeing carts on ebay for sale with photos of the interior circuit board.  Is there a resource I can check to see if its the right one? or how are you supposed to know if that board belongs with that cart?



I found this resource




although im still unsure.  the board in the photo looks correct in terms of layout of the circuitry but the manufactuer says toshiba which the one on snescentral does not.


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SNES Central is the best for SNES games (and Bootgod for NES) but this info is still very obscure and incomplete in general.

Here are 6 Secret of Mana PCB variants, only 4 of which are on SNES Central. Matching the chip code and just seeing that the board looks like all the other PCBs for that console is all I do unless I’m checking something really expensive.


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