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Interview w/ Kenneth of Wata Games on VGC Podcast


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Hey, this is Dan of VGC Podcast.  Kenneth Thrower (Chief Grader of Wata Games) was kind enough to do two hours and thought good to share due to his deep knowledge and being part of community. Tom Curtin a.k.a Minus_Worlds contributes as well.  Hope you enjoy. 



Also available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc

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Only podcasts for now, I decided to stay away from video interviews so we could get interviews that would otherwise be closed off. 

Let me be clear about this podcast, it will never make a penny nor should it. It is simply a passion project to have the people in our hobby tell great stories and share information. Luckily there is amazing people in our community that are willing to help and share such. Always feel free to reach out with any suggestions. 

Thanks for checking it out

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First time podcast listener and I laughed in the first two minutes.  Ken talking about how collecting is a gene, which I agree with.

"It's a lifelong thing... most people sharing collecting stories, 'when I was three I started collecting rocks.' ".

That's so true, I had a small rock collection starting around 5.  Great times.

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