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  1. Only podcasts for now, I decided to stay away from video interviews so we could get interviews that would otherwise be closed off. Let me be clear about this podcast, it will never make a penny nor should it. It is simply a passion project to have the people in our hobby tell great stories and share information. Luckily there is amazing people in our community that are willing to help and share such. Always feel free to reach out with any suggestions. Thanks for checking it out
  2. Hey, this is Dan of VGC Podcast. Kenneth Thrower (Chief Grader of Wata Games) was kind enough to do two hours and thought good to share due to his deep knowledge and being part of community. Tom Curtin a.k.a Minus_Worlds contributes as well. Hope you enjoy. thevideogamecollectingpodcast.podbean.com Also available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc
  3. I agree with the sentiment that VGA is here to stay for next decade or two unless a much different catalyst occurs. CGA/AFA have been their money tree. One can easily assume more games are being graded by VGA now than ever before due to the massive influx of new collectors in the space. Yes, Wata has a much bigger piece of the market but VGA probably doing better than ever. It wasn't like 7-8 years ago a lot of games got graded. Their grading system is probably here to stay. They have many divisions that use the same 10-100 grade scale, it would would be hard to imagine them to change on
  4. Whitelisting of API feeds is not unheard of or even charging for them. Data= Money. Gocollect is charging for this data, why shouldnt ebay? of course I want everything free but can't not blame ebay for companies for profiting off their data to charge for it
  5. This goes farther back, PS2 was sold out hard for long time and demand was crazy but this was real demand and not the manufactured scarcity nearly every company pulls these days from concert tickets to sports cards.....
  6. New episode: Interview with Minus_Worlds Hope you enjoy! https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-wemns-efbb61
  7. Hey everyone! I started a podcast for video game collecting that hope you enjoy. My goal simply was to get more content out here in a different platform. There are many people here more knowledgeable in many of the subjects but I try bring it all together to get quick video game history mixed with personal experiences so it is enjoyable for any of you. No commercials, ads or sponsors, doing this purely out of passion I have for video game collecting. Please do hit me up directly if you have any ideas or suggestions you think can help me on this quest. Hope you give it a shot! Take care! t
  8. I see the point that it was a blue ocean but also if you know there is only three 9.0 or higher Tyson Punch Out, you could corner the market as a dealer. It will be interesting to see what games he brings to market with information he was privy to
  9. Easily employees should not be allowed to get games graded. I hope one of the Wata team members clarifies because it is concerning and need of attention. Seem like great people at Wata and hope they prosper
  10. Nes, the first 17 matte's are a goal of mine. But just getting back into collecting after 2 year hiatus so I am like a kid in the candy store who just got back from fat club and gives zero fvcks
  11. P.S- my SMB3, the seller told me that multiple people contacted him after I purchased offering more money. Talk about some shady dealers that are money hungry. Seller was a man of his word and honored our deal which is a breathe of fresh air but some dealers poaching these days have no honor ....
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