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Your opinion of these Game Boy games


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May I please have your opinion of these Game boy titles.  Can't find any decent reviews, so looking to get more information.

Brain Bender
Hyper Lode Runner

For anyone who's played these games, what are the pros and cons of each?  Any nostalgic memories you would like to share?

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I'm going to have to back up that last post.  I've scratched at best the surface of four of them, the fifth (lode runner) I've attempted to enjoy over the years and I just can't.  They're all puzzles in one respect or another, but they're not very fun ones, and some can be confusing or just not well done to inspire frustration.  Lode Runner is more of an action puzzle, but it's more stiff than I care to put up with, it's not bad, but it's a period piece you need to admire for its time.

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Hyper Lode Runner is the SMB2j of Lode Runner games. Insanely hard and mostly meant for expert players. I can't even finish the first stage and I like Lode Runner so this was disappointing.


qBillion is kinda like Sokoban. You're a mouse that has to jump on top of boxes and knock them down to the ground. It's a top down view, so to represent hieght, the game simply numbers the boxes. The higher the number, the higher the box. It's a very early gameboy game not developed by Nintendo so expect a lot of jankiness. It's decent, and has that early Game Boy charm, but I'm not clammering to play it again.

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Thank you.

I might be the only person who enjoys the difficulty of Hyper Lode Runner.  I find it's fair and understandable.  Ishido and Tesserae I can never quite get into.  I always get bored with tile based games.  I need to treat those more like a slow marathon and take my time with them.  I'll try to give them another chance.

May I please get your thoughts on these other Gameboy games:

Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land


Lazlos Leap


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Editorials Team · Posted

I gave my reviews for these back on NA, but Megalit is a new one. It's a great game, and I enjoyed it very much for the first 3 quarters or so. Then I sort of hit a wall where each puzzle takes me lots of tries, even when I take the time to really stare and figure it out. There's a time limit, and a limited number of tries before you're dead. There are 5 puzzles between each password, and it's very tedious to have to repeat puzzles over and over before getting another chance to tackle hard ones again. I get that it's part of the game to have to learn those puzzles well enough to get through them over and over like that, but even if you have them memorized, they can take several minutes to finish, and it gets easy to make a careless mistake while trying to go as fast as possible. So... good game, but I have a password for it that I just don't have the motivation to enter. Hopefully someday I'll reach the end.

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Thanks Splain.


Did you have a chance to try Exodus yet?

And what are your thoughts on the rarity of Lazlos Leap?  The game barely gets listed and sold.    If it were a more cutesy game with lovable characters, it would be hyped up.  But because it's a simple puzzle game, it doesn't get much attention.  Still, I think it's rarer than people think.

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