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Spiderman 32x box question


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So I just acquired this cib. I was extremely fortunate to get this!  But here is my situation. The box. It has been cut to fit into a clam shell plastic box like you see with some of the titles on the 32x like bA Jam. It is the original box, but i have no idea why they did this. Not going to lie, it actually looks rather nice but id rather have the original full box not its sleeve cut to fit and tray disgarded

What should i do?  Id love to find another original sleeve but no one just sells the box for this title. It would feel weird to get a reproduction cardboard box (apparently they look originalish) as i would be constantly looking at it think “impostor”. I even thought about trying to tape it up and find a donor tray to make it hole but that probably won’t work either 

should i just display it proudly in the clam shell and call it good?

no matter what im going to get a protector for it that will go over the case





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4 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

It actually looks pretty good, so it all depends on how much it bothers you. If you have other collecting goals, I'd work on those first since you have a CIB-ish version of the game now. If your only goal is finishing your 32X set, then you already know the answer.

Thanks for your feedback others that have as well!  I have three series that im collecting for but only focusing on 32x now for US until that’s complete. You’re right, it doesn’t look that bad actually. I guess its that completionist in me that it slightly bothers

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