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Looking to get a gaming chair for my 65 year old dad, any recommendations?


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I'm looking to get a gaming chair for my old man for christmas. I've never shopped for one before and don't own one myself, so I figured you guys might be able to help.  I'm looking to spend $200 at the most. 

Are there any features I should look for?  All of the ones on Amazon look very similar.  I noticed some of them have a foot rest, while others don't.  That seems like a useful feature that he might use from time to time.  

Thanks in advance for any replies I get! 

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I'm no expert, but honestly, I'd go for ergonomics above everything else given his age.  Even if you don't end up buying a gaming specific chair, if you get him something with great ergonomics and support to hold his body up well while he's in it as well as making it easy to get into and out of, I think you'll have a winner.  My wife ended up with an ergonomic chair at work after back surgery and I wouldn't have traded it for any gaming chair out there.

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1 minute ago, fox said:


Ordered this one for my father who works from home and needs back injections

That's very similar in setup/style to the one that my wife ended up with (hers was covered in cloth versus leather with the head cushion not so well/separately defined, but extremely similar overall), so it's probably a fantastic choice and hits a good price point as well (as long as you've got Prime to avoid freight).

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I actually had one of those and it ended up giving me back issues. I’m 5’8” and about 170 pounds. I’m using one of the office max/depot/whatever mesh chairs now and love it. The back and seat are mesh with a headrest. My point is everyone is different, if at all possible I’d bring him to one of these stores and let him sit in the chairs and pick the one he likes best. 

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