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Jaguar Sewing Machine Gameboy Color w/ Cart


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This is a tough one to place, at least in the US.  This appears to be the Singer sewing machine but this is the same thing, just for Japan rather than US.

It's been a long time, but I've seen just the sewing machines sell for $150 in box.  It should have also come with a teal GBC and, of course, the cartridge.

I honestly don't know where to place this.  Maybe $100-150.  @JVOSS might have a better idea.

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@munch, @RH is correct,  *the us japan version was not very popular and had sold less then the Japanese us market did.  For the data on this they had 5 colors for the gbc new colors  berry(red), smoke(black), teal, blue, grape.  a kiwi and dandelion are unconfirmed at this time.



See the Shonumi GitHub.io post here for more information.

Jaguar was the product line for the Jaguar Singer Sewing machine in Japan.  A cib might contain the following.

1) box with packing Styrofoam inserts
2) vhs video
3) parts kit
4) GBC(according to machine) in own box(to the best of my knowledge)
5) instruction for Machine
6) GB Pak. (japan would have Sewing Machine Operation Cart) and pattern book
7) Power cable and link cable (almost always missing)

if a true cib is available it runs 600-800 i have see as high as 1200 (there are box variants)

just machine no GBC no cart and has power cable and parts bag it runs about 150-200

just machine no other items around 75-150 (operation not confirmed so it would be for parts)

according to your photo you just have the blue and the cart no cables no GBC and no manual.  I could see you getting around 150-200 with out shipping (add something like $50 usps rates) as it would be picked up for spare parts or someone picking up to complete their set.. 

If i was a buyer, i'd be in for 150-175 according to your photo...

This is for the japan market the us one is another thing.

Hope this helps

* this is for info not to set market price




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added / corrected data.
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