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Need help verifying this Little Samson CIB (Mainly the manual.) (Solved: Real!)

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I just got this and while the box and cartridge are legit for sure, but the manual is unlike any other manual I own and it seems... different. Maybe that's just how Little Samson manuals are though? It's very shiny and kind of plastic-y feeling. Like glossy printer paper which is what has me worried. The Taito logo underneath "INSTRUCTION MANUAL" on the front cover shines through at the exact same opacity that I see online. In fact the cut, staple, opacity, etc are all dead spot on, but I can't shake that glossy printer paper feel. When I compare it to a Bubble Bobble 2 or Flintstones 2 manual both are very floppy and paper-y feeling. This Samson manual is very shiny plastic-y. Is this just how they are? Does anyone have one to compare with? Am I just being paranoid? Also the base where the staple is quite wide and the manual pushes away from that point(as seen in the picture below.) Anyone have a Little Samson manual to help verify if this is legit or not?









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I'd say it looks pretty legit. It's definitely the right type of paper or a very close approximation as it tends to crinkle just right. The ink and color looks on point and that bulging at the staple can happen to any NES manual. I can post some pics of my manual at some point for comparison. If I don't update here, just send me a PM.

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If that manual is a repro, it's an exceptional repro.  I don't own this game, or the manual, but I have boxes of manuals for all systems because I just like paper and I'll pick up lots from time.

The paper doesn't look problematic to me and seems consistent.  I have know clue of when the other Taito games might have been released, but I know Little Samson was late for the NES.  If you can find another manual, maybe for the SNES that came out at the same time by Taito, maybe you can check that.

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Thanks for the info guys! It could easily be real and I could just be paranoid. The material it's made out of is my only concern. Strange that it could be the only glossy NES manual in the whole library and I've never heard anyone mention that before. It's glossy like an N64 manual would be almost? I am going to meet up a friend on Tuesday and compare my manual with his. That should clear it up for good! I'll post my results as soon as I do!

Just got to meet up and I indeed confirmed it is real! VGS won't let me attach photos at the moment, and I don't know why I just keep getting errors saying the upload failed. I'll message a mod to ask if I can upload them.

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  • The title was changed to Need help verifying this Little Samson CIB (Mainly the manual.) (Solved: Real!)

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