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Console Wars Documentary (CBS All Access September 23rd)


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Personally I think this will be way more interesting than High Score.  They interviewed actual important people.  The book was interesting, but my understanding it pissed off lots of Nintendo people because it made them look bad. Hopefully, the documentary doesn't.



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  • The title was changed to Console Wars Documentary (CBS All Access September 23rd)

I subscribed to CBS All Access for free and then cancelled it just so I could see the documentary.

It was enjoyable.  It was more specific to Sega than Nintendo.  It actually seemed more fair than the book. 

Full of Nintendo signage all over the documentary which was quite cool to see. 

Peter Main and Howard Lincoln barely aged since the 90s.  I believe the interviews were shot when the book was made though.

Funny to see the "console wars" are still going on in some of these people's minds.  Like Al Nilsen thinks the SNES looked "12-bit" when he first saw it.  Fan boy until the end. 😎 You could see that Peter Main and Howard Lincoln were still emotional about it.


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Oddly enough, I've had the book this is based on in my bookshelf for years and finally started reading it like only in August while watching Netflix's High Score documentary which covers similar time period. 

Only now found that they're actually making a documentary about the book!   ... and apparently not releasing it in any service outside North America? Great, thanks.

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11 hours ago, Shmup said:

Just finished it and loved it. Miles better then High Score.

For those who want an extended history of Sega I highly recommend the book Service Games.

Also,anyone that lives outside of the US can easily find it on alternative sites 😉 

Agreed it was properly structured like the book. Unlike Highscore which was a mess.  It's too bad more people can't see this.

I have no recollection of thinking Genesis had more mature games.  Outside of Mortal Kombat not having red blood on SNES I do not remember this being an issue at the time.  And I was a teenager so I would've cared.

SNES definitely had more cutesy games like Mario, Yoshi, etc.  But also less cutsie games like F-Zero, Castlevania, Metroid, etc.   

This whole it was "more mature" was mostly all manufactured non-sense by Sega's marketing.  The documentary did not cover this fact.   Nintendo didn't actually fall behind in the mature categories until N64 era.  At least not from my memory of events.

I mean yes you had bloody MK1, Night Trap, and crap like that.  But I really don't remember feeling that I was missing anything. 



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