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Two promo xbox in one month!


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Ran out of Gameboy stuff to buy, so I started searching for other random promo consoles... within a month, I found two promo Xbox360's. I've never actually owned any Xbox before, so it's a little comical for me to have bought these. 

- "300" Movie promo, 20 made, autographed by Frank Miller & Zack Snyder. 

- DC Comics promo, 10 made.

These are the product of my boredom, I can't stop searching just because the stuff I go for is drying up... 

Anyway, Id be interested to trade for promo Gameboy(s) if anyone is interested 🙂 Nintendo> 


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Those look nice. The only promo 360 I'd want is the Star Wars R2D2 one. It came out a few months after I had purchased the Gears 3 promo edition. I wish I had waited, because not only did I miss out on a cool console, but my Gears3 edition burned out on me after just a few months. Strange that every promo console I've ever purchased gave out on me after a few months and none of my standard consoles have ever gone out. 

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