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Damaged NP Magazine issues, ways to stop it

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I've got a decent selection of the magazines, but a few of the issues have been through the wringer and have some problems.  I was wondering what some would suggest would be best to stop the problems from worsening to a total fall apart.

I know with the non-staple bindings a solid glue sticking can lay any curls and spreads out fine.  But, what about in the case of where your cover has more or less popped off?  How about one that's stapled where the cover front has detached from the back?  Or the overly common staple holes starting to shred the cover from being pulled on over time?

Would some clear tape be the best choice in these cases, some kind of glue that may do it?  I don't want to go as far as slapping down white pieces of paper on the inside as a new backing with glue to hold it, it's ugly.

I imagine one could pop the cover off but that would be staple removal and trying to re-thread like 50 sheets of magazine paper back through there after clear taping the inside and that can't be the only choice is there?

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You can reattach the covers and repair staple holes with archival tape like Filmoplast or Lineco document tape. Scotch tape is a nightmare and will yellow/get dirty with time, please don’t use that even on your personal copies. You can look into comic people arguing all about this on the CGC forums I’m sure.

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I'll look into that tape.  I'd never use scotch tape for that reason as it doesn't take long to yellow, gray or brittle.

NP#1 was so far gone on the cover I did whatever I felt necessary to save it from eroding entirely along the spine at least, left the rest as is.  I ended up using an extremely barely there thin beading of loctitle super glue gel in the space where it has been glued away from the spine in the first place, and for the part you see pulled toward Wart's face, I cut a small rectangle of scotch clear packing tape and laid it down with the non-stick back to the other page, tucked it against the seam and slowly laid the page flat.  I've not done this to anything else and see no reason to.  A few curly spine bits got the elmers glue stick and that solved that fast.  Given what I paid on the lot, the average price per magazine was around $7 I believe, so I can't complain given what even beat up copies of that goes for, and white in poor shape the zelda map is in there still attached more or less.  Thankfully NP #2 is in fantastic shape which offsets the abuse of this one in my mind.


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