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FO: Full NES Racermate CompuTrainer Setup


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Taking offers on my complete Racermate setup.

I spent a lot of time years ago piecing this together.  Because of this, I have several backup parts including an extra load generator, handlebar display, and several extra sets of wires.

Racermate carts are pretty easy to find... complete Racermate... not so much

Only selling because I’m out of space.  Great chance to own a very interesting and rare Nintendo piece!


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The most amazing thing is, that is built right in step with a standard bike trainer you still can buy today where you pop the handle over to lock the nut from your rear wheel into each of those spots.  The game (like a modern trainer using ios or whatever) gets fed hill data, etc and can make the ride less/more brutal and does all the other fluff of whatever it was intended to do.  If $750 was a drop in the bucket for me I'd be so all over this.

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1 hour ago, B.A. said:

That is a good price. Did you ever try it out?

One time yes.  It’s a lot to setup 🙂

Definitely interesting piece of Nintendo history.

I had more room in the game room, it would stay.

Id rather sell here than eBay.  NA and VGS people helped me build my collection… hoping this goes to someone in the community.

Good luck to anyone trying to beat this price 😉

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Cool, that seems sensible to kick back a favor, why not.

I'm familiar as the wifey does pro level quality bike ownership/riding, usually does 50-100+, longest was a couple years back a 450mi one over a couple states.  So when the weather sucks you need an indoor trainer, and hers is largely like that but uses an iPhone/PC style app instead for the visuals and tracking this Racermate I bet does, just not at the old 8bit level.  If you're serious, this would be a hell of an overlap interest to endurance, strength, and health training while using a NES of all things.

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