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eBay price history shenanigans

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I have been watching a CIB copy of Ninja Gaiden trilogy for a while. I forgot to bid on it and eBay notifies me that the auction ended with no bidders at $65.



Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if it was relisted. While searching sold listings, I saw a listing that looked like the same picture. It was showing as sold for $300..



However, when you click on that listing that shows as sold for $300, then on the original listing page it shows as ended/sold for $65 with one bidder:



What kind of shenanigans is eBay trying to pull here? I personally think that eBay thinks that I forgot about the auction and doesn’t want me to know it sold for WAY below market price. Maybe they don’t want me to get pissed that I missed it. Or maybe they are trying to protect the market price from eroding... 

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My bet is it was an auction with a BIN, and someone did BIN. Not sure why it would display 1 price in list and 1 price in listing, but knowing ebay probably just a bug. On web it's showing it sold for $300 in the item listing.

It also shows 'new listing' in list view, which means it was posted and sold within 24 hours, which also makes it feel like a BIN.


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