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Massive leak of vintage Nintendo assets and more! (SM64, Zelda 64, Betas, etc!)

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I haven't seen anyone on here talking about this yet and it's pretty amazing! Tons of early betas, and lots of cool full resolution artwork from Nintendo.

I wonder if that early Super Mario World map is even earlier than the one we've seen before in that old demo?

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Honestly, I don't think there is much to say, until juicy details come out from the leak.  I mean, those photos in your original post are pretty awesome to see.  It looks like they made some high quality renders of OOT, probably for reference, and then they scaled down the assets for the N64, which would make sense.

But other than 5 minutes of looking at cool pictures (or listening to the Star Fox 64 cast read their lines uncompressed audio) the novelty quickly wears off.  The real news might be the tidbits people find when they deeply dig into this stuff.  Some of that's been found like a rough Luigi character for Mario 64. Regardless, I just don't think there's much to say about it.

It is a shame if this was stolen (although I can't help but wonder if someone found an old workstation or server for sale and they just dumped the contents on the hard drives) but the really cool news may come later when homebrewers dissect that stuff and make "Super Mario 64-2" or create new characters for current games.  Also, who wouldn't want an OoT PC Edition with high quality graphics?!  It'd take some work, but if the assets are there, it could be done.  But, all of those types of projects are going to take time.

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