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Sega MD / Genesis "A Series" Pageant Soft Bootlegs

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Starting a list here, if anyone has any to contribute, please do so! Thanks.

A-005 Daisenpuu

A-008 Shiten-Myooh

A-024 Forgotten Worlds

A-025 Castle of Illusion 

A-028 Two in One (Ghouls n Ghosts + Kujaku-Ou 2 Geneijou)

A-031 Elemental Master

A-032 Shadow Dancer

A-036 Gaivares

A-093 Columns

A-119 Double Dragon II (beta version?)

A-121 Tetris

A-129 Heavy Nova

A-130 Crude Buster


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On another note, why should we care about these games?

Aside from assembling a list of a series of bootlegs by id code, for the sake of information itself ( I've never seen anyone else documenting these), the games actually are significant, well some of them anyways.

The Double Dragon II game (the one I have) has chips in it dating to before the game was actually released. Similarly, this company also is the one to release Tetris (not on my list, I need to look up the number again as I don't have it boxed). 

So it seems clear to me this company has access to non-retail Sega stuff, and copied it, who knows what other goodies they might have released, which have been flying under the radar.

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2 hours ago, fcgamer said:

@dyer Thanks! 🙂

second game from the right is A-024, what is it?

Also, I have a lot of extra games from the other bootleg series in the picture above, the ones with the Chinese text on the spine. Some loose, a lot CB or CIB. Would you be interested in some?

Good spot didn’t see that!

It is Forgotten Worlds.

Thanks but I wouldn’t be interested in them, these ones are just the remnants of my bootleg collection which I moved on same years ago.

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