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Last time I took inventory - two years ago

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I was logging in some of my recent finds and purchases tonight, and I decided to look at my "totals" list, which basically had the numbers of games for every machine I own. The file was dated from around July 28, 2018, so essentially two years ago, curiously enough. At that time I had about 4250 "different"* games.

Since that time I fleshed out some of my spreadsheets, and similarly the numbers of games has changed since that point. I think it's time to take another inventory sometime soon, though it'll be a nightmare to do for Famicom.

I'd guess I'm up to about 6000 games now, I guess I should find out! This weekend I might need to dive into the game room for a bit, if I do, I hope I'll be able to reemerge by Monday. 馃檪

*I would count a bootleg copy of SMB and an official one differently, for example, even two bootlegs from different publishers would count differently.

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36 minutes ago, ThePhleo said:

6,000 different 60-pin Nintendo....or 6,000 different games total because if it's the first one then DAMN I wish I got into 60-pin earlier.

6000 different total, is my guess. Probably about half is Famicom / Famicom disk, I'd guess.

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