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Complete Official USA Gameboy Pocket CIB Collection


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This collection includes boxes both with and without LED, all 5 bundle sets, as well as NP100. 
Does not include Walmart blister set (arguably unofficial). 
Also includes 3 additional / unnecessary boxes - Toyworks stickered clear, and two different red bundle boxes with sticker over UPC. 
** retail releases only - promos, and kiosk / display stuff not included.


I also plan to take some time and get a picture of my full official international CIB GBP console collection later today.

Enjoy 🙂


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58 minutes ago, RH said:

Dude, NSFW tag, please!

Nice collection, man. That's an amazing site to behold.

Thanks 🙂 been at it for a while.

I have quite a few bundle sets / box variants, but not enough room to take a picture 😅


41 minutes ago, RpgCollector said:

That is a sick collection! Very jealous. 😍

Thank you 😁😁

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20 hours ago, RalliArtEvo said:

wow, incredible collection! Do you use box protectors for them? Been thinking about getting some for my console boxes.

I have box protectors on the limited / bundle ones (once I have condition up to my standars that is) .. I don't bother for the common colors as it would just be too much for lower value boxes lol


19 hours ago, RegularGuyGamer said:

Wow that's no small feat! I'm missing the gold from my standard release collection 🙁

I've been going back and forth about getting the limited edition colors CIB.

Gold is considered limited, and a TRU exclusive, or so it was advertised. US only got 3 limited colors and 5 bundle sets, plus mail order NP100. Definitely worth going for Id say 🙂

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58 minutes ago, CasualCart said:

This is awesome @NeXmetal! Aesthetically, I've always thought the Gameboy Pocket was the best-looking handheld ever. 


To be a handheld guy, I've never really thought about this.  I could possibly agree with that, although the OG Game Boy is nice, as well as the original GBA.  Hmm, that'd be a tough call.

Regardless, Nintendo had really, really refined the internal hardware and the upgrade, paired with fewer batteries and a much lighter device made this a killer handheld... if only it was backlit.

Oh wait.  Nevermind.  They did do that, and I suppose this is the best handeheld. 😛


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