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Hiring Pixel Artist(s) and 3D Modelers for One-offs


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Forum Meta:

There's no place I can think of that would actually fit this sort of request, maybe we should add one. Let me know if you guys would like a place to put "For Hire" and "Hiring" threads similar to this one.

The Actual Post:

I'd like to get some personal sprites made of myself to use on social media. Ideally I'd like to get the following:

  • 8-bit sprite
  • 16-bit sprite
  • N64/PS1 Polygonal 3D model

I don't expect a single person to be able to fulfill all 3 orders, and I'd be willing also to hire multiple people for each. Not as a contest or anything, just straight up if I like your style I'll probably commission you, no competition here. So if you can do any of the 3 above please reach out!

Specific to the 3D model, if anyone is able to do that kind of work I'd like the 3D model delivered as a Blender file if possible, so I can export it out to use in ThreeJS (a WebGL platform for loading 3D on websites).

As for the sprites, I'd like them to be delivered as SVGs so I can scale them to my needs.

I'd also prefer that the sprites/models not be based on pre-existing. What I mean is I don't want like a Final Fantasy sprite dressed like me, I can do that; I'm looking for YOUR personal flair.

You can let me know how much you'd like to charge for the work, and I'll provide photos for you to work from. 

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37 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

Better be careful and do a contract; after the Black Box Challenge situation, definitely want to make sure you and the other part both understand what is being commissioned, who owns the rights to any new items created, how the items can be used, etc.

What happened?

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