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Judging by how they're packed and seeing the speckling on the outside, I want to say these were packed into the Nintendo Cereal System at one point?  I could be wrong, but that packaging looks clear as day to me exactly like what cards are typically packed in inside cereal and I seem to vaguely remember something like this back in the day.

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I am a big collector of these cards. I’ve got the complete first series as well as many boxes, and the Obscure Canadian second Series. Also got some Australian series boxes and packs that come in different types of packaging.

I’d say I’m pretty highly qualified to speak on these cards.. but I have not seen them in this type of packaging or without the numbers

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I'm now almost certain these are pack in cards for some cereal promotion or another.  Digging around eBay, the seal around the cards looks most like the ones Kelloggs would use when packing them in (example below), although there was at least one Nintendo Cereal System promo for cards that I found the box for but not the prize.




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