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Let’s talk shelves!


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I’m in the process of relocating.  When I finally get into my, yet to be determined, house/game room I want to have a solid idea for the shelving I want to use.  And I figure I’m not the only one who has tackled this problem on VGS.

What do you all recommend?  I collect primarily boxed games from NES - PS3.  

I had been used the adjustable shelves from Home Depot foundHere.  I want to try something else as this shelving gets surprisingly expensive.

Look forward to hearing from the community!


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24 minutes ago, Lago said:

Would you be willing to share some pictures?

Show off my collection some more? If you insist! Carts on the 3x, last gen on the 2x, and current gen on the 1x. I regret just not buying 2 4x from the get go but I guess I never would have that I would need that much space. It’s 25 NES on one shelf and 21 SNES on one shelf if I’m not mistaken  




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