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Worst condition item in your collection

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I remember there was a thread like this on NA and I haven't seen one on here so I thought I would start it! 

So what items in you collection is in just horrible shape?

Mine is this Hagane box I got a few years ago, story goes it was brand new sitting the back of a damp warehouse for possibly 20 years! I than bought it off a guy on instagram for 30 bucks. The game was thankfully saved(and worked!) but the box and manual are what I have, although the manual is permanently fused to the inside of the box. Currently it is in an air tight, or as air tight as super glue and an snes box protector can get, as there was more black mold than box left. No I wont, and probably cant, sell it. 


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Yeah mold is where I draw the line.  I probably wouldn't hang onto something that's moldy. 

I don't have pictures but my worse condition item was an emerald green gamecube controller that looked like someone chewed on the thumb sticks and then took a syrupy dump on it.  I took it apart and cleaned every bit with alcohol and Q-tips, then I replaced the thumb sticks with new ones, and now it looks really nice and new.  You won't catch coronavirus from playing smash bros with it.

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True but this is a bit more broad, and its general collecting here.  It could be something non-gaming related.  I'd love to participate in this one but I'm a spectator.  If you saw the ebay thread on here a few days back you saw what I had come in the mail and it was black moldy too, and like Hagane the game came out sparkling clean but the rest it went in the trash.  I tried to salvage it as it wasn't anything as bad as that box up there, but anything that dampened the paper to try and clean it seemed to wake the mold up.

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Graphics Team · Posted

I've got plenty of cartridges that are physically trashed, but it might be worth mentioning the item in my collection that's in the worst functional condition: my poor, sad Neo Geo X didn't last very long before it stopped working entirely. That console made so many great promises, but the software was such a mess. It still pains me to think of how great the system could have been.



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