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Naming pets after a video game character/location/etc.


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Actually I do just the opposite...in RPG/quest sorts of games where you can name your characters, I always name the first male/female protagonist after me and my wife and the second male/female protagonist after my kitties...my best friend Jamiee and my dearly departed Tweetie respectively.  Then if I need more I use people who influenced my life and occasionally I get a little creative...for example in FF6 I named the white bearded gambler "Kenny" (for obvious reasons) and the abominable snow monster guy "Bumble".

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I did that with a few of my hermit crabs long ago, Gohma, Clawgrip, Dig Dug and Shyguy. Only ones that weren't were Clawful (named after Masters of the Universe character) and Suzu (just japanese for bell)

Gohma (a big bully with the others, but loved attention and being held)




Dig Dug


Shyguy (super timid and had it's legs ripped off and eaten several times but Gohma or another)


Clawful (not videogame named)


Suzu (also not video game named)




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