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An Early XBox Build of Starcraft: Ghost Was Leaked Onto the Internet


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This is a game I never thought would see the light of day in a playable form. I remember back in the early-2000s when Blizzard could do no wrong there was quite a bit of hype for this game. Looking at the early build footage, it looks decent but not unlike other 3rd person stealth/action games of that time. I suppose that's why Blizzard canned it, it wasn't going to be a surefire home-run success like most of their games were up to that point.


Here’s something I didn’t expect to see today: New gameplay footage of StarCraft Ghost. The third-person shooter had a rocky and well-known development history before being officially canceled by Blizzard, something confirmed back in 2014. Now an early Xbox build seems to have leaked out and popped up online.



From the article and Twitter chat, the early build is crash-prone and the available playable missions are incomplete. There are a couple of Youtube videos of recorded play-throughs using Xbox or 360 dev kits:


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