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  1. @Tabonga awesome! Thank you! I’ll definitely have a look!
  2. Definitely a collaborative effort back in the day!! Those schoolyard advice sessions at recess were like the prehistoric predecessor to the forums and guides of the internet today haha. Great memories there.
  3. That’s awesome! I’ve actually seen the game on the shelf at the local retro shop, but it didn’t last long. I’ll have to give them a call and see if I can get my hands on it one way or another. I’ve heard great things but I never gave it a shot yet. Definitely going to give it a play on this recommendation! Thanks!
  4. I made a collectors thread tonight (for everything sans video games: Mods can feel free to delete my thread, and I’ll recontribute here. My apologies, everyone, I didn’t realize this thread was active. My mistake. (post reserved in case of deletion, which I have no issue with).
  5. I own the HTML & CSS book by the same author... alongside a library of other programming books/manuals (although I don’t consider HTML or CSS coding )
  6. I had an interesting convo tonight with @Johnnyboy113 and decided to purchase a copy of Black Box Pizza POP tonight, but the convo led to an idea I had that I’d love to ask the rest of this community: Collectors are rarely a “single pedigree breed” What else does everyone collect besides VideoGames?! I’ll start by giving my own answer: I collect 3 things: 1)Antique Fishing Lures 2)Guns 3)VideoGames The fishing lure in the picture is known as the Moonlight Dreadnought. (Circa 1918.) Only a few hundred are known to exist and this one took me 5 years to hunt down. The last one to sell (with box) in auction went for over 30k. What do you all collect?!
  7. @G-type just wanna put a quick thank you for this thread out to you! Atari is a passion of mine and this thread is so appreciated by myself, as I’m sure many others. I’ll be taking a look at possible high scores I can achieve and post! Thanks so much for this!
  8. Agreed 100%. So I guess the real question lies in which camp the holders of the games now fall into... and if there will ever be a shift in the camps each owner collects by as time goes on.
  9. Excellent point... was Waiting for someone to bring this up. Binary examination upon reflash would be imperative for me to ensure every byte was true to original hex (if I ever owned one, and if I ever needed to do so)... That considered... I think preservation of a True Binary could be as important to the continuity for anyone who may ever encounter this problem in the future.
  10. Wow. I remember playing the original StarCraft as a kid. Great memories
  11. I’d definitely give it a shot. Haha it was a great feeling! Ahh wow I don’t think I even realized the controller input lag, but that could be because I play on the digital TV 99% of the time now and I’m not trained to see/feel it. The PPU framer rate cycle slowdown helped massively in one area. I remember one room, I literally lined myself up and fired the sword shot just to get 8 sprites on one line. The slowdown gave me the quarter second I needed to think and then beat the darknuts . Do it, brother! This was definitely satisfying! You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar! it was guys like you that were a massive help on the recess playgrounds! Commendable! I remember playing certain games like Zelda in groups.. it was almost mandatory because of the lack of info. I wish I could find some of the notes me and my cousins all wrote down as we progressed. That’d be cool to see again. And there were definitely doubters back in the day when you beat a hard game haha... no cell phone cameras to take proof pics back in the day. I miss those times. This sounds insane haha. Definitely going to read up on how some guys accomplish this. “ NES Hard” was hard but what you’re describing sounds like a suicide mission !
  12. Thanks! That’s so impressive to have gotten so far with such little help! I admire everyone who’s done so! I know it took me a bit of searching and a lot of help to get through this, so I’ve got a ton of respect for everyone who did this the old fashioned way! I’ve heard this so many times about second quest. I’m not sure my next play will be the second quest. I may move on to Links Awakening which was actually the very first Zelda game I ever officially owned myself. I never beat that one as a kid either but I’m dying to beat it soon. I’m playing Ocarina concurrently, and I’ll probably put that one on pause while I conquer links awakening. Old fashioned game boy style! Haha
  13. Total Respect here! Zero deaths is NUTS! I couldn’t even get past certain darknut rooms in Dungeon 8 without a red potion! The console wars of the 90s were hardcore! Me and my cousins had hours of discussion on which system was better... NES or Genesis... one thing we all agreed on... we all loved Comander Keen on Windows 95 at our other Uncle’s house . I genuinely hate lag as well! However I can say there was ONE room in Dungeon 8 when the number of sprites on screen caused the processor to lag slightly. It gave me enough time to think about how to react and conquer the room. I’m sort of thankful for this moment . I may have had to start over without that half a second lag!
  14. Haha yes, I have the NES hooked up into AV on my 50+ Samsung in the living room
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