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  1. yes. This is nothing like flu, in any way. The R0 of flu is roughly 1.3 depending on who you ask (which is a given average). However the new novel coronavirus (SARS-COV-2), has an R0 of 2.5. Neither the infection nor the symptoms mimic flu
  2. I can give an account from one individual who thankfully of the 6 I know is now making his way out. He told me he was gasping for air for a couple of days (which caused a total loss of sleep and had him battling exhaustion to stay awake for fear (in his own mind) of falling asleep and never waking up). He wen thru the ordeal for roughly 13 days straight, with what they call a phantom recovery (which has been documented with this virus)... you basically get hit hard for 3-4 days... and then feel great in day 5-6.... and then you get hit in the face with a sack of bricks and go under for another 4-7 days. this individual was 30 years old, worked out every day, non smoker, and had zero underlying conditions. He lost 17 lbs before getting to where he is now 13 days later (27/28 days after where he believes he was infected). this is not flu. And it is no joke. also to update: 1 of the people I know of who was okay is now ICU, and the one who was in ICU originally is now in kidney failure in a medically induced come (he was speaking yesterday). Both over 50. on a better note, one of the cases i know of has (as of today) been feeling much better... less lung/chest pressure and feeling more “back to normal”.... I’m praying this isn’t what people around here are now calling “phantom recovery”.. she is a nurse who was on the lines working alongside my wife
  3. I know at least 6 positive with more cases that will likely be confirmed. 1 is in ICU. The other 5 are having the crap kicked out of them by the virus. It’s not pretty
  4. Lambda Tech Inc received some capital funding from a local Landscape co (Clean Cut Cleanups on LI NY... amazing owner. Reach out if you need a cleanup or yard care services ). We produced a small batch run of hand sanitizer. 80+% Mix of Isopropyl/Ethanol Alc, 9% pure Aloe Vera with Hyaluronic Acid (to prevent hand dry out), 1% tea tree, lemongrass, spearmint, orange, rosemary, cinnamon essential oils for scent. We converted our PCB, Circuit Board Clean and Build Unit into a Hand Sani Production Unit. Converted all workers to remote and are doing our best to keep the distance. All bottles will be donated to essential business across the country (mainly in NY since it is the epicenter as of now). Next batch coming in a couple of short days. If we have any extra at all, (it may be very small if any), but we promise to offer it here to those who have no sanitizer. Remember guys... do all you can to help those in need around you during this horrible period. Let this situation bring out the best in you love you guys!
  5. Here we go, brothers: please read... and please take mentions of what I say here: I live in NY. Long Island. There are well near 4k cases here reported, with 25k cases in NY whole reported. The number of people walking around is now astronomical compared to “reported cases” (which are the numbers you all are seeing.) ... (I’ve had my data scientist on my team run numbers against SKorea, Italian, and Spanish charts... all equations have checked out). 1)I lost 13k$ TODAY ALONE. (6k in vacation costs (for my own birthday that my wife spent), and not a single company has offered refund: VRBO, Southwest Air, and Fronteir Air)). (6k+ in my IRA alone, even with today’s uptick, given the downfall I have realized in prior days). (This is NOT INCLUDING prior loss for all prior days since lockdown in NY)... my retirement losses are devastating. 2). There is NOTHING available on shelves... toilet paper, baby food (I have a 13 month old), diapers, etc. 3). Schools are permanently closed. 4). Police patrolling streets in our area to ensure you are a “local” after 8pm. 5). Gov Cuomo is a D... I am registered R.... THIS IS NOT a partisan issue. And I support what Cuomo has done for us 1000%, and I respect his work for the people of NY. Partisan ideals need to be put aside here, and I have set all of mine aside. Democratic, republican, it doesn’t matter... we just need to preserve lives, and he is trying to. And I’m thankful. But it isn’t enough *tearfully*, despite ALL of his efforts. This is a matter of CAPACITY not QUALITY. We in NY DO NOT have the beds or ventilators to support those who WILL DIE. This is disgustingly scary. 6). My wife is a healthcare worker. She has been exposed as of 7 days ago. Which means I was exposed 6 days ago since she works 12 hr shifts. We have no symptoms yet... but the fear is devastating... I have a 13month old daughter with next to zero immunity build up alongside two step children. 7). I have not only donated my N95s to elderly, but I have also started converting my work stations within my company to begin converting out PCB cleaning stations to Hand Sanitizer production units, with ZERO income on products... meaning we will donate EVERYTHING we make. 8). Hospitals here have now began setting up outdoor triage, to separate COVID patients from GP (General Public). 9). MT Sainai hospital here in NY is now using GARBAGE BAGS as PPE, because they don’t have supplies. (Google It) 10). Ethics Healthcare Committees are now convening in NY. (This is the most disheartening of all). Ethics committees are meeting to discuss 1 thing: who lives and who dies under condition. please note: this is the type of decision that a medic makes in war time situations. This is NOT a decision our loca doctors should be having to make. Italy docs have already said that they’ve been doing this for a while now Over the past week. They are deciding who lives and who dies in triage. (Google it). 11). The most disheartening of all*** i have family (MANY) in healthcare in NY... hospitals are convening now to decide whether or no to currently designate all ICU patients at all NY hospitals as DNR’s. (For those who don’t know, a DNR is a “Do Not Resuscitate” order). The reasoning is simple: if a code is called for a failing patient, docs and nurses have no way to get PPE on fast enough to save them. If they attend... they themselves become the next spread vector. This is disgustingly grim. we here in NY know that if our loved ones enter ICU, it may VERY well be the last time we see them. If you are 30-50 yrs old... you may enter ICU, and if YOU deteriorate..... you will have no visitors before you pass. think about this... this is heart breaking... iy wife is a nurse on a floor with COVID... we have both been exposed based on her hospitals reports... I have a 13 month old and 2 step children... I love them all dearly, more than I could ever put in words.... living next to NYC right now... this is getting hairy..
  6. In response to the milk hoard... I saw people doing this in my local grocer... I saw one individual with *10* gallons of milk in his cart!!!! I kid you not... Milk goes bad in a matter of 14 days.. I have a 13 month old that exclusively drinks whole milk watered down to prevent constipation.... and I’m on my last 8 ounces by tmrw. I’ll go out and get more.... but seriously... 10 gallons of milk?!?! In one sitting?!(14 days at best?!) how can that much milk even be consumed by one family?! Haha only thing I can think of and hope for is that he bought all of that to distribute to neighbors/family who couldn’t leave the house to shop?? Otherwise, I’m at a total loss at this type of panic buying....
  7. This... I very much agree. Listened to the whole thing. I don’t take Joe Rogan as mews but this guest is serious in his response
  8. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca The guy in this article talks like a data scientist. Only reason I feel that way is because I have a data scientist contracted on my team haha. we did some looking into the research and the spread rate in outbreak areas tends to be close to 1.6(X) daily. Let X Equal yesterdays Patients. This number has held true for outbreaks daily here on Long Island after looking into it, so now I have a feeling he has at least “somewhat” of an idea in what he’s talking about. (The article itself feels alarmist but it’s only the data and numbers that I really cared about when reading). Edit:(I checked the YouTube video above and his numbers line up oddly well). When considering total populations, like urban and rural combined, 1.25 may very well be the number. When considering Urban pops alone (as my co did, outside of NYC, where human transaction is marginally higher than any rural county across the US). 1.6x seems to be spread count effective. I feel even more affirmed in the numbers my data scientist procured and came up with after watching that video, and reading the data from this MScEng in the link. This guy (my article) has a model for predicting tru infections walking around in your area: T = P x 2^(17.3/6.2) let T = True Case let P = Official Patients True Cases are the people walking around with the infection (spreading it) Patients are officially recognized positive cases 2 is doubling time for the the virus 17.3 if average time to death for a critical patient 6.2 is average time to double infection Now... if the model is correct (and according to the article it checks out based on data from China, Iran, SKorea), in NY alone, there were 950 “Patients” this morning... but calculated, 7k+ people walking around with the infection. The problem worsens when you look at Wuhan and places like Italy in particular. We know for a fact that the hospital systems there are overloaded... “no more beds”... without proper treatment and care, some people who might not otherwise die, wind up dying. The calculated death rate for hospital and care systems that are overrun winds up moving from 1% to nearly 5-6% ... THATS troubling. The true problem comes in when hospitals wind up putting sick patient next to healthy healthcare experts. At this time we have an undoubted run of infection from patients to healthy actors, and when we reduce our healthcare staff, we reduce the care that critical patients need. This in and of itself is self explanatory. im not a data scientist but I had one of my guys run the number and things seem to roughly check out. (Roughly) I’m hoping we just get a handle on this ASAP. In other news: the pic is a related prediction by AHA... and extremely troubling at best... I’d really like to know what constitutes “wave 2” I would also challenge all who read this to look-up Farr’s Law and how it relates to pandemic/epidemic problems. It is marginally relayed by the video posted above, but clarity on the topic may bring some reduction in fear to those who are really worried about this. From HIV to COVID-19, all outbreaks in history (so far) have followed Farr’s Law. ... my wife is a nurse, mother and aunt are in healthcare, 3 cousins are in law enforcement, father is management for Air Canada (works in LaGuardia) - all people outwardly facing the public in their work lives.... my fathers gf is in retail.... his gf works for a luxury company and recently had a customer back from Spain within past week. He was coughing and sneezing, walking around the store (with my fathers gf walking with him to help him shop, pick out gifts)... he was questioned by management and he traveled from Spain. And didn’t self isolate after he arrived... my fathers gf is now quarantined and out of work at mandate of Monte Blanc Corporate.... of all of my family, SHE is the one who becomes potentially exposed? The irony....just found this out a couple of hours ago we gotta get this shit under control.... if you have extra and have elderly “neighbors”, help them, if you have more than you need, supply your closest.... humanity will be what beats this virus... not numbers.
  9. I couldn’t agree more. This is unfair. I actually had this conversation with my CMO only minutes ago. And from there I present this link: https://www.cbr.com/coronavirus-apple-may-acquire-disney-stock-crash/ I work on the street... and I have a huge feeling that this virus is going to change the landscape: mentally, socially, physically, and philosophically. I’m actually expectant that going forward we will see two things from Wall Street: 1) more mergers and acquisitions like the one mentioned in this article (although I can’t say that Apple has any true intent to buy Disney and I make no claims for or against buying either stock as a way to profit). I think the “idea” of the article is on point though. It would reduce the needs for serious bailouts from the federal government since the money would inflow from the private sector. 2) since we all know how most people feel about bailouts after the Lehman Bro’s collapse (), we can assume that Anti-Trust committees may allow this to happen and turn the other cheek to these M&A deals so that people don’t get furious over new bailouts and larger federal debt levels. Bottom Line: Small businesses need to be helped out right now. It’s time for the fed to do the “neighborly” thing for once.
  10. https://joinhomebase.com/blog/covid-19-financial-resources-businesses-workers/ Im not positive if this will be helpful, but I know the list of affected areas is growing by the day. This website should be able to offer some advice on how to handle the situation, at least from a request standpoint. You’re not alone, brother. Hopefully Colorado makes that list quickly... I’m hearing 11 states are falling in line with operating restrictions, mine being one of them. eBay can be a great place to sell unneeded items lying around the house if quick cash is something you need. Just a thought: Babies are being born every hour... if you have any children past the point of infancy, and have some clothes, toys, etc. in the attic, consider listing them for a small boost. I know for a fact that several expectant mothers would be happy to make those purchases from you rather than running out to an overcrowded big box store and risking infection. If you don’t have kids, people are buying everything they can online right now to avoid leaving the home. Best of luck brother!!
  11. @a3quit4s, @ICrappedMyPants, @Mega Tank ^these dudes all reached out to me with helpful advice, offers to help, and literally to go shopping for my buddy!! I’m thankful for every single one of you, more than I can say. These are the gents that make this place amazing, and THESE are the types of people who are going to be some of the real heroes in helping others out during all of this. If I could buy you all a round of drinks, I would right now (unfortunately they just closed all of the bars and restaurants here indefinitely ) haha. on a serious note... Thank you guys!!!! The helpful tips and offers have been so much appreciated. I was able to use some of this info and direct my buddy to a store that had some baby formula tubs in stock. You guys ROCK!!!
  12. You are THE MAN among men! THIS is why this community is so great... right here folks... @None can’t thank you enough for this post (just saw it) as well as the direct message to me to help point my best friend in the right direction! Guys like this are what make this place awesome!
  13. They’re definitely planning on nursing. My wife is a lactation counselor... she tells me all the time how lots of her patients were planning on exclusively breastfeeding... after a couple of days, they’re exhausted and worn out, or not producing enough, the baby is always hungry and that just wears the mother down further, there’s a tongue or lip tie, the baby can’t latch etc... there’s a myriad of issues that could arise... and most of them wind up supplementing with formula. It’s going to be a stressful situation if the option to supplement isn’t even available though. My heart goes out to anyone giving birth during all this mess. There’s also confirmed cases in the hospital she’s delivering in... the risk is probably low, but that’s another stressor on the situation.
  14. My buddy and his wife are about to give birth to their baby boy within 24 hrs. First child, and they’re anxious enough about the experience as it is. Now he has to worry about providing, because of this hoarding mentality. He has 2 20oz tubs of formula... If you’re a parent and remember the newborn phase, you know those tubs won’t last very long... it’s sold out almost everywhere locally here in NY... there’s practically nowhere to get it...diapers are scarce too. I searched on amazon for some formula for him and my jaw hit the floor. I bought this same exact tub for 25$ when my daughter was born (total for 3 was about 80$). This panic buying and price gouging has got to stop. It baffles me even further to think that as soon as Health Official's warn us here to stay inside, the whole population scrambled to get shoulder to shoulder inside of Costco so they can get TP... my wife is a nurse and she can’t fathom how people don’t understand that it’s practically a given that someone in these overcrowded stores is walking around with the virus...really hoping level heads prevail soon.
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