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?'s for sports gamers regarding choosing Madden plays and progress carried over into next year's version


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I've been meaning to make this topic for the longest time but I have a couple of questions for you sports gamers out there.  Now I've certainly done more than my fair share of retro sports games...my favorite by far is MLBPA Baseball for the SNES.  It's one of the first games that was bought for me to go with my new SNES which I finally got for Christmas in 1994 (it was the fully loaded two controllers and Mario All-Stars/World version though!).  And I must say you will not find a more realistic baseball game from the 16 bit era that has the real players...yet the game gets hardly any love/attention.  I thought it was just nostalgia but apparently the other 1994 versions of EA sports games like Madden/NHLPA were a "sweet spot" for the era and those two remain fan favorites to this day.

Okay that being said, I'm curious for you Madden gamers out there...how exactly do you know which plays/formations to call and when?  Seriously it seems like you practically have to be a coach to be able to play the game well.  I imagine even if I was playing as my wife's Patriots, if I didn't know what the fudge I was doing in terms of choosing plays/formations I imagine I'd get clobbered by a player who does know how to choose the right plays/formations even if he plays as one of the worst teams!

And my other question deals with the annual releases that have been the norm since the mid 90s or so.  Now every year it seems the games get more complex and have more features and such...so when the new edition/season comes out, are you allowed to carry other your achievements/progress from last year's version or do you have to start all over with each year's version?  That would really suck if you had to start all over every season. 😞

Back to baseball, I had always dreamed/envisioned as far back as the mid 90s if at some point in the future there'd be a baseball game where you can play as any world/league champion from any year you wanted.  Has that ever been done?  I mean a few teams, a few past all-time greats are routinely done but if you can play as any team from the past you want (at least the league/world champs) and they do a good job matching the skills of each player to their then real life counterparts I'd most defintely be very eager to try that out! 😄

One last question, pretty much every baseball game has a home run derby but did anyone ever put in an option to do it by the original 1959-60 rules?  You know that classic b/w show where you get nine innings/three outs per inning and called strikes count as outs?

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As far as football strategy goes, typically you call runs on early downs or shorter distances.   So rolling with that knowledge, you can pick your offensive plays appropriately, or call a run defense/pass defense to match the situation.   Or be ballsy and blitz on third and long.

For your other questions, I'll defer to others.   I liked the NCAA versions of football better and didn't really put much time in Madden this millennium so far.   

The only baseball games that hold my interest are the Super Mega Baseball series ones.   Very fun, but not so realistic.    If you have a PS4 or Xbone maybe spend a buck or two on MLB 15 or 16 to see what all modes those have?

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Editorials Team · Posted

Football strategy 101?

Pass if you have a strong QB and receivers

Run on short distance

Motion your receiver and use him as an extra blocker on outside runs

Audible into a run if the defense is in nickel or dime

Audible into a pass if they're in a 4-3

Throw as the receiver goes into his break.  If you know your "x" receiver is running a post and there's no safety on that side of the field he's gonna be open.

Treat 3rd down like a running down if you know you're going for it on 4th

Know which receiver is your go-to guy and make him your first read, then check the next one, and on and on, rapid fire, until your last resort is dumping to the RB


Of course it depends on the game too.  The pass is unstoppable in Madden 95.  The outside run is overpowered in 94.  96 has extremely tight passing windows.  In 92 passing is completely impossible.  And so forth.

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