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Power Adaptors

Astor Reinhardt

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So...I've been digging around in my bin of misc controllers and cables and quickly realized I'm missing a lot of power adapters. Specifically for NES and SNES consoles. Also missing the damn AV cables too. I should probably just mention it right now, I also want to know what can be used as replacements for PS1 and Gamecubes at least power wise.

I'm wondering what will work as a replacement? I've heard bad things about buying those 3 in 1 adapters from China so I'm probably going to dig around in the local Goodwill for something that might work.

Also I know the SNES/N64/Gamecube shared the same AV cables so I'm probably just stuck with looking for those specific ones, but the NES...I mean a generic RCA cable will work right?

Last question, say you were buying a NES or SNES with the controllers and cables...would you be put off by not having the official cables, even if it worked?

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Depends on what type of cables you want. If you just want composite then just buy OEM ones. OEM s-video cables cost a bit more. Forget about the OEM GC component cables. There are other choices out there now. Any AV cable will work with NES.

For power adapters just stick with the OEM ones. They are not that expensive.

If the seller factors in not having the original cables with the system then I see no problem as long as it's cheaper.

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If you don't want to shell out for an OEM adapter, you basically just need to buy a generic one with the right voltage, amperage, and end barrel/connector and you're good to go.  I bought a generic one from Radio Shack years and years ago for a Genesis that I got without a power adapter--also ended up with additional interchangeable ends which allow me to use it with other devices that have a different plug but same power requirements.

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