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Pizza Pops reproduction


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On 1/25/2020 at 12:48 AM, Lincoln said:

Pizza Pop uses a famicom only mapper. Famicom carts with that mapper are the only donors afaik.

Someone did a mapper hack and sold it on carts but the hack isn't public. You can try tracking one of those down. 

Hi Lincoln any idea how I need to make this one when I get my hands on a correct board? Just swap roms or is some rewiring needed? 

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2 hours ago, Scrobins said:

You could just ask Johnnyboy113 if he has any copies left. He has a complete set of the famicom games he’s been making available on NES carts for sale, including that game.

Problem is shipping and taxes are sick from usa to europe, that is why I want to make my own copy.

If any body here has some pictures of the repro board front and back i can figure it out. I think....

Any additional info is much appreciated. I know in the past on nintendoage there was a guy who helped me a lot with making nes and snes repro's, but iI can't remember his name. 

He had a weird profile pic with hair or something.... 😂 Is he around here also?

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Tom I do have a copy available for you if you want it . A hacker did in fact find a way to put this on a Nes board but myself and another had to pay for the mapper hack. Shipping is not to bad. Actually for me to ship 3 games would be the same price as shipping 1 so maybe I might have a few others you’d want. Send me a pm whenever you see this 

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