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  1. We've been getting alot more calls too because companies probably have more time now. They want to advertise shit and offers. Other than that, same usual calls within family.
  2. +1 to him. Great communication. Easy to deal with!
  3. I doubt there's a need as without knowing, I bet 95% of the batteries are still at 3V. And yes, there's a list but I can't find it right now. I usually use https://snescentral.com/ or https://jensma.de/snes__/index.php Good databases to check the game and its board to see if it has a battery. Otherwise google is your friend. EDIT: A quick google gave me this: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?134961-NES-SNES-Genny-Games-with-Battery-Back-up-Save-feature
  4. No, he didn't. He's not a soldering beginner. The battery was already leaked and he tried to be as careful as possible.
  5. I just recently had a leaked CR2032 inside a Mario Paint. The PCB was covered in acid from the battery and was a pain to clean. A friend of mine also had a battery explode in his hands while desoldering it. Nothing happened though but the risk is there. I'm changing them when their voltage is below 3V or if they look bad. I mean they're 30 years old and probably would last another 10 years or so, but safety first.
  6. Damn just saw this topic. Recently became a huge Doctor Who fan as well since they're airing it on TV. Watched all of the episodes with Capaldi, Tennant, Eccleston, Smith and Whittaker and from most to least favorite, here's my list: 1. Peter Capaldi 2. David Tennant 3. Matt Smith 4. Christopher Eccleston 5. Jodie Whittaker Have yet to watch more episodes and other doctors to judge about them. I hope they're bringing out more seasons of Doctor Who!
  7. This is just a fix to keep SRAM voltage steady to avoid corrupted writes when power is off. Usually 22uF decoupling caps are added between VCC and GND on the main board and also another 22uF between SRAM VCC and GND as seen on most boards that have SRAM.
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