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Hi everyone. I'm offering cold hard cash for any of these very limited homebrew / repro releases:

  • Moon8 
  • Micromages Limited Pack (Black)
  • Orange Island (Pink) 
  • Glider Special Edition
  • Tower of Radia NA Gold 
  • Timewalk Sweet Home (Halloween Orange)

I'm also offering colder and even harder cash for many of the items in the pictures below. I'm negotiable. 

image.png                   image.png                                             image.pngimage.pngimage.thumb.png.d614ed7ff655a3a777087b8bcbf0ba15.pngimage.thumb.png.a3c5e05e8e0855d5687fbe88bf106838.png

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  • The title was changed to WTB: LIMITED EDITION HOMEBREWS

member when nintendoage? pepperidge farm members.

Still hoping someone out there is willing to part with one of these beloved releases. I am not giving up! 🥶🥶🥶🥶

Please do not ask if i want to buy something that isn't on my WTB thread. I know i have fancy tastes but I don't roll quite that hard. 


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because i don't roll quite that hard
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