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Has anyone used a generic Switch dock?


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Unless something changed later into 2019 I have one simple word of advice: DON'T

While the jack on the bottom of the Switch handheld appears to be stock USB-C it is definitely not.  IT doesn't regulate power or two way transfer 100% normal to standard.  I'm not saying it will 100% happen, but there have been a lot of people who have burned out their Switch handhelds using third party cheaper docs since they DO stick to the standard which can cause problems.  Basically Nintendo kind of did a stealth OEM thing with the port despite looking all exact and compatible.  I get not wanting to pay the crappy price, maybe find a second hand one for less.  I did that with the Pro controller, got a gently used one for $40 as $70 was sickening to me.

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Has Nintendo released a portable dock yet?  I would love to have something that "docks" the Switch to a TV, but much smaller just for the purposes of traveling.  Mainly, I would use it in the van to hook the Switch up to the TV, but using it in a hotel room would be nice as well.  

This is exactly what I want, but I can't bring myself to buy a third party device for such a thing:  

Portable Switch Dock

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