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Odd Nintendo products.

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Before Nintendo got into making video games they used to make fairly simple home games such as roulette and poker.

They also made some gaming sets that would include multiple games - the contents were generally cheaply made and the cases were the best thing about them,  Here is an example:


This one is way way overpriced - I have some like it (they came with different tops (which were made of cheap pot metal)).  I have one that I like that the case looks like a book.


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I love "pre-Mario" Nintendo items.  If that roulette set was much cheaper (I agree, it's way overpriced) I'd definitely pick it up.  It looks amazing!

Anyway, I have a smaller "pocket" roulette set from the 60s and I'd like to collect more, but for now I'm to focused on collecting the actual games I want.  But, in the future, I'll probably divert into their earlier stuff.

One thing I've never seen, but I'd love to just see photos of is some original, 100+ year old Nintendo Hanafuna cards.  You know, some of their earliest products.  According to the history books, Nintendo was an extremely successful company because they were mass producing high-quality playing cards and the gambling institutions would go through them like water.  When you can move a bunch of gambling paper, you can make money since even back then, dealers wouldn't reuse decks to prove fairness.

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