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NES Encyclopedia books? Previous Kickstarter etc?

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I've always been a Sega guy.  For the NES and SNES there are probably 100-150 titles I recognize for each system, and then a handful of names I've seen mentioned as people on NA discussed what was rare, etc.

I vaguely remember a period when there were a plethora of NES (and maybe SNES) books coming out, possibly via Kickstarter, others maybe started on NA.  They books generally had a goal of listing each game, having the screenshot for each game, then a blurb about the game.  I see a handful on Amazon but I figure among those there are some that are more highly recommended than others.

Looking at the Pat Contri books, it looks like for each game he's taken a picture of the cart/label art, then also has screenshots below, which is a neat way to let me see both the box art and screenshots.  Mostly I'm just not familiar enough with the Nintendo libraries.  I could easily look at a text list on Wikipedia and then look the games up one by one, but I thought maybe having a resource with everything in one place would be nice.


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I have the Pat Contri book, it’s really nice and gives a little bit on every title and gives a personal account of each game. If you like his personality you’ll like the book. I have the non limited edition that I got after the Kickstarter sold out. Good luck in your search, there are tons of books out there now. 

edit: I have the NES book not the SNES

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While it's still an ongoing series, I would recommend NES Works by Jeremy Parish. Since he's going year by year, it's a little slower going in coming out, but he does a fantastic job with great in-depth analysis of the games and their history and provides great photos of the cart, box and manual cover. Well-worth owning in my opinion, you can buy them from Fangamer. 

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I have a certain NES guidebook by Pat Contri.  Bought it from Pat himself at Retropalooza in Arlington Tx a couple years ago.  Didn't even realize he had signed it until I showed it to my daughter earlier this year and she pointed it out.  Her mother is a librarian and she has several books signed by the authors.  When I told her I bought it directly from Pat, she said she immediately started looking for a signature.  Anyway, it's a great book.  Not sure if I'll get the SNES one, though, as I don't have as much nostalgia for that machine.  I got a TurboGrafx that generation.

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